2020 Starts With a Revolutionizing Scholarship Program: STEPapp Scholarships


February 27, 2020


In a country like India, talent is not a hurdle. According to UNFPA, India has the youngest population in the world and can still have one of the youngest populations until 2030. This means that our generation is blessed to be the guardians of the most important batch of nation-builders. The young minds of this country, given the right support and guidance, have more than what it takes to build a bright future not just for themselves, but for this country

Fun & Engaging Learning With STEPapp

We at STEPapp recognise the huge opportunity (which is also a huge responsibility) ahead of us. We take it upon ourselves to be the launchpad that can help the young students of this country reach their true potential. That is what prompted us to start STEPapp, a gamified study and education platform targeted towards making learning fun and engaging.

Introducing STEPapp Scholarships

To further empower the young bright minds of India, we at STEPapp are filled with immense pride and joy to announce STEPapp Scholarships. This initiative is a dream opportunity for students going to grades 6th to 12th to earn scholarships and rewards worth ₹ 5000 to ₹ 1 Crore each, from a total pool of ₹ 50 crores in total. More details about this scholarship can be found on our website.

Registering For The Scholarships

To register for the STEPapp Scholarships program, you need to head to the registrations page and login with your phone number. The first 1 lakh users who sign up for the program will get STEPapp Concepts worth ₹ 5000 free of cost, mapped to their current grade CBSE or ICSE syllabus.

Playing & Learning

After the registration, the applicants will start receiving content for STEPapp Scholarships in April 2020. The study content is going to be released one chapter at a time over a period of seven weeks. Students will be assessed while they play and learn through these chapters. The syllabus for the STEPapp Scholarship exam can be found here.

Based on their performance while playing these chapters, top-performing students from the previous phase will be selected post due diligence for the next round - a gamified exam to be held at various centres across India in June 2020.

Examination Day

The gamified exam in June 2020 will be the final step in the completion of STEPapp Scholarships, after which the winners will be announced. On the basis of the assessment of this exam, the top 1000 students from each grade will receive a scholarship ranging between ₹ 5000 to ₹ 1 Crore, from the total pool of ₹ 50 Crore. For each grade, 500 students will receive scholarships worth ₹ 10,000 each. 50 students will receive scholarships worth ₹ 1 lakh each. 1 student in each grade, the top performer, will receive the ₹ 1 crore scholarship. So, a total of 551 students in each grade will receive scholarship amounts and be deemed STEPapp Scholars.

The Road After The Scholarships

After the culmination of the scholarships, all STEPapp Scholars will continue to get guidance from our legendary team of 400+ IITians and Doctors throughout their academic life. The top winners of STEPapp Scholarship will be invited for a Grand Finale event, which will be hosted by none other than everyone’s favourite Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

We believe students don’t want to miss this once-in-a-year opportunity to get the support and push they need to truly emerge as a nation-building force. STEPapp Scholarships is a gear that you can use by registering now to see a beautiful future unfold in front of your eyes! Give yourself a chance through STEPapp Scholarships to show the world your true potential. What are you waiting for? Enrol Now! Registration is open for STEPapp Scholarships!

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