Why STEPapp is the best learning app for students?

STEP app - best learning app for student

February 06, 2020


School curriculum acts as the foundation for a student that enables them to understand their academic courses in depth. This helps a student in creating a secure academic career. Thus, it is important for students to pay attention to the lectures that are being taught in class. Most students lose their interest while they study and therefore need new ways to learn their academic course. However, to make learning interesting and easy for the students, various online courses have been introduced.

Online learning creates integrative thinking among the students and makes them aware of the real-world scenario. It is cost-effective and easily accessible by every student as well as for teachers. Using this concept, STEPapp is developed as an educational application.

How STEPapp is the Best Learning App?

STEPapp is based on the gamified approach that provides conceptual clarity to the students. The topics about math and science are designed in the form of islands that the student needs to cross as a level.

There are mainly two products available for the students: STEPapp Concepts and STEPapp Scholarships. STEPapp Scholarships is available for the students going to classes 6th to 12th and STEPapp concepts is available for the students studying in classes 6th to 10th. Students get the entire syllabus in STEPapp Concepts for their current academic session for FREE if they enroll in STEPapp Scholarships which only costs Rs. 500.

STEPapp improves the focus of a student as there are 2D and 3D graphics used to explain the topics. Students tend to pay attention to the concepts of math and science using this gamified approach. Students enjoy it while they learn with STEPapp. STEPapp is mapped to a school curriculum which helps them to cover all the topics of their current academic session.

Features of STEPapp

STEPapp is India’s one of the top ICSE/CBSE learning app that helps the students to cover their academic syllabus as well as to acknowledge logical reasoning. STEPapp provides an opportunity for students to improve their learning skills. The academic content of STEPapp is written in simple and easy to understand language by the team of 400+IITians under the guidance of Mr. Praveen Tyagi (CEO and Founder of STEPapp).

Personalized Learning : to create the interest of the students for academics, the multimedia content of STEPapp is design interactive and engaging. Animations and videos are added to make learning fun and easy.

Rewards and Scholarships STEPapp provides scholarships to the students going to classes 6th to 12th. Students need to enroll in the STEPapp Scholarships to win prizes up to ₹1 crore.

Detailed progress reports of students STEPapp has a feature that is "dashboard" which is accessible by parents and teachers. Parents and teachers can view the information of their child that is sent to them via email and SMS

Mentorship and Guidance The winners from the STEPapp Scholarships exam will be guided by our experts throughout their academic journey.


STEPapp believes in providing quality education to the students belonging to all economic backgrounds in India. The quality content, engaging lecture slides, and animations make this belief possible. We hope you don't want to miss the experience of rich media! So what are you waiting for, Registration is open for STEPapp Scholarships! Come let's play and learn!

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